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Paralotnia motolotnia

Do sprzedania paralotnia, informacje w jezyku angielskim są poniżej DFS powewed parachute ultralight trike, powered by a Rotax 582 bluehead engine. Engine is adouble carburator, double idnition ( DCDI ) WITH A "E" gear reduction box attached to a threeblade Kievprop propeller. Engine has electric start and the pull starter. For quiet operationthe Rotax after muffler and the intake silencer are installed. All new electrical with a keywest voltage regulator is installed, electronics is the EIS system monitoring both cylnderhead temperatures, exhaust gas temperatures, water temperature, engine RPM, fuel level andoutside air temperature. There is also a smoke system installed for sky writing. Both rearswing arms have been replaced with heavy duty ones and a stronger mounting system has beeninstalled. All wheels have been upgraded to Spun aluminum tubeless rims with wide turf tires,the rear has duel disk brakes. All structural bolts and nuts are aircraft grade ( AN ).Additional reinforcement and straps have been installed to enhance safety of the airframe.Two parachute wings are included with the aircraft, one for beginners and the other a highperformance wing, both certified for flight safety by Mojosgear, the wings have not been flownsince the certification. For winter use there is a set of skis and a set of Kehin flat slidewater heated carburators. Please email me with any questions, comments, or for additionalphotos. KKARNAUHOVA@HOTMAIL.COM
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