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Vienna Acoustics Bach

Sprzedam kolumny podłogowe Vienna Acoustics Bach kolor bukowy w okleinie naturalnejStan jak nowe bez śladów użytkowania.Podwójne gniazda na zdjęciu oczywi ście nigdy nie wyjmowane ( zdjecia ze strony Vienny), dodatkowe dociążenie kwarcem ( 2 x 10kg ), kolce podstawki ganitowe.Brzmienie okreslić mogę jako czyste z pieknym basem , średnicą i ciepłą górą. W swoim przedziale cenowym są jednymi z najlepszych głośników , a jakość wykonania z zestawów na poziomie 10 000zł. Głosniki świetnie sie sprawują w zestawie na okablowaniu AudioQesta .W razie pytań proszę o kontakt Piotr, kom. 512 327 307Opis w języku angielskim :SoundThe Bachs took in quite a bit of amp variety, from the McIntosh MA6400 and Krell KAV-300i to the Unison Research Simply Two and Simply Four (with van den Hul The Wind cables, didn't you know!). Some of the Bach's qualities would lead you to believe that this speaker works best with a valved amp, but this wasn't always the case, as I discovered.Anyway ... sources included Audiolab 8000CDM/8000DAC and McIntosh MCD7009, via vdH The First and Ensemble Digiflux connects, while Michell Gyro Dec/Morch DP-06/vdH MM1 was the analogue option.I wasn't expecting the Bach to sound like the Mozart, so I wasn't disappointed when it didn't. However, if I already hadn't heard the more expensive design, I would have been very surprised at the quality of the Bach's sonic performance.Particular areas in which it excelled were the midrange — almost succulent with valved electronics — and the treble, which proudly exhibited all the virtues of soft-dome tweeters. Together, these integrated seamlessly to reproduce a lush, almost warm, mid-top character, with timbral qualities that matched, and occasionally exceeded, that of the competition.There's also a suggestion of weight and authority, without sacrificing suppleness or resolution ... indeed, the level of musicality and communicativeness of the Bach was very high.Partnered with the Four, the Bach revealed every sonic nuance of the amp. Now, this wasn't always a good thing, since the amp's lower frequency limitations and the Bach's curious discrepancies in this area combined to recreate a rather fat, sometimes wallowy sound. Switching to the Krell brought about a noticeable tightening of bass, but I suspect the Bach is fussier than most when it comes to room acoustics.In the Bach's defense, though, I must say not many speakers in this range outperform it in bass — TDL's Studio 1m is very competent here, but don't expect miracles from other models.ConclusionThe Bach should be able to swing it comfortably in smaller rooms, without the need to go overboard on ancillaries. It is no less articulate than many at its price, while forging ahead in the areas of midrange lucidity and overall focus.The problem is, this speaker is slotted in a price bracket that is hi-fi's dangerous zone — too expensive for the budget conscious, and yet, too simple and unshowy for the wealthy and ordained.Still, if you manage to overcome financial constraints and prejudice, here's a speaker that delivers most of what the brochure promises — these days, that's about as close to excellence as it gets!Model: Vienna Acoustics Bach loudspeakersPrice: RM4,850Type: 2-way reflex floorstanderFrequency response: 38Hz-20kHzSensitivity: 90dBImpedance: 6 ohmsPower handling: 30-200WReview sample courtesy of MUSIC BY DESIGN (03-264-8818), Lot F126, City Square, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur.VerdictFor: Seamless mids and highs; classy sound when it gets going; reproduction of timbral qualities are vivid.Against: Bass doesn't always swing; fussier about amps than its larger sibling.
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